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Clarity.  Focus.  Precision.  Grace.


When people ask us what kind of food we serve at Hawthorne & Wood, we're tempted to say "the good kind."  


The world of food is too big, too delicious, for us to limit ourselves to just one kind.  Each of our plates is a little cultural ecosystem all its own, with ingredients that contextualize each other, but aren't confined by country of origin or cuisine. 


Through clarity of communication, focus of effort, precision of action, and grace of manner, we strive to create dining and service experiences that delight, soothe, and nourish. 

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Hawthorne & Wood is the culmination of Chef Brandon Sharp's decades-long career.  Sharp honed his craft in world-class kitchens in New York City, New Orleans, Spain, and Napa Valley, where he earned a Michelin star for seven consecutive years as the Executive Chef at Solbar in Calistoga.  

Upon returning to his home state of North Carolina, Sharp brought all of these experiences to bear in creating a restaurant where the guest comes first, the craft comes second, and perfection, while unattainable, is always the carrot being chased.

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Donation Requests

Hawthorne & Wood is committed to being a positive member of the community we serve. In an effort to do the maximum amount of good with our philanthropic budget, we aim to focus our donations on organizations whose work benefits children.  Please email us below with any requests. 

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